Benefits of a Motorcycle Chain Lube

Lubricant and penetrant

  • Maintain a clean chain. As an avid biker, you may not have the power to control riding through dirty and dusty places. However, you could at least make your chain resistant to dirt and grime. Chain lubes are formulated with cleaning agents that dissolve solid particles and keep the chain dust- and grime-free. 
  • Prolong the life of your chain. If you leave your motorcycle chain dry, it will start to wear out and eat away at the sprockets. In fact, a dry chain wears out four times faster than it normally would. Maintain a well-lubricated chain that resists friction for wear prevention. 
  • Water resistance. A motorcycle chain is often damaged by frequent exposure to moisture or heavy rainfall. A good chain lube repels water and fights off rust to keep your chain in good condition. The lube also remains intact on the chain no matter how wet it may get. 
  • Experience smooth movement. A well-lubricated chain will always perform better with regards to enhancing the movement of the rear wheel. The chain lube minimizes friction, and you'll have an easier time negotiating sharp turns, climbing hills, and coming to smooth stops.  

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