About Aervoe and Crown


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Aervoe and Crown Industries is a leading manufacturer of paints, specialty coatings, cleaners, lubricants, and MRO chemicals for industrial use. With a 50-year track record packaging all types of formulations and containers, we are committed to quality chemical packaging and the proper representation, use, and design safety of all products under the Aervoe brand name. Production capacity, quality control. product development, and management experience combined with our operating philosophy helps keep our customers ahead of the competition.

Once company with the power of multiple brands. Aervoe Industries is now a leader in providing professional products to the MRO distribution chain.

Mission Statement

"Our Customers shall expect and receive products that have consistent quality, reliable performance, and be cost-effective. Product formulas, raw materials, and package forms shall be selected to provide the proper "tool" for the trade professional to do the job right the first time".

  • As a manufacturer we are committed to the highest ethical standards in customer relations.

  • A documented price policy that ensures mutual profitability and a long term partnership with our distributors based on integrity. 

  • Operations conducted with maximum responsiveness, efficiency, and focused to the customer's needs. 

  • Providing leadership in user product .safety and regulatory compliance while maintaining exceptional environmental standards.

  • Operating a purchasing Program that assures the most reliable supply standards.

These efforts shall yield a knowledgeable and responsive sales force, consistent deliveries of profitable products that meet the toughest environmental standards, and the strength to grow and diversify, maintaining an edge for our customers within our market base.


The Environmental Standards

Aervoe is the leader in providing quality products that meet the strictest environmental standards .Our state of the art facility meets or exceeds all regulatory, environmental and safety standards. No-flash cleaners, non-flammable paints, and USDA authorized mold releases and lubricants are all in the Aervoe family of products. We are leaders with VOC- and MIR-compliant spray paints to meet the strict California state requirements. All products are lead and CFC -free.