Best Motorcycle Chain Lube FAQ:

Lubricant and penetrant

Q: What is motorcycle chain lube?

A: Put very simply, chain lube is designed to provide lubrication for the chain of your motorcycle. Simple, huh? Well, yes and no. Yes it is simple when put like that but there is so much more to it too.

As we saw, there are a range of benefits to using a bespoke and high quality chain lube. So what is motorcycle chain lube? It is a product to lubricate and protect the chain, to prolong its lifespan and also to increase the performance of your bike.

Q: How do I apply motorcycle chain lube?

A: Motorcycle chain lube is very easy to apply, especially when in liquid aerosol form. Simply ensure your chain is as clean as possible. Then apply a squirt of lube onto the chain. Some people like to remove their chain before spraying but this is not always necessary so long as you can raise the bike. This will help you to spin the rear wheel manually to help spread the lubricant up and down the chain.

Q: How often should I use lube on my motorcycle chain?

A: Some people will say you should lube the chain after every ride. While that will of course ensure a very high degree of performance… come on, really, who has time to do that, huh?

As a rule of thumb, so long as you are lubing up every 300 miles or so and ensuring the chain is clean of dust and debris you should be fine.

Q: Can I use engine oil as chain lube?  

A: In a pinch engine oil can be a useful substitute for dedicated chain lube products. It will dissolve dirt and grime, and it will leave behind a greasy coating that can help lubricate the chain and promote efficient chain movement.

What it can’t do is to protect against water or dust, as engine oil is simply does not come into contact with external containments like that. For that reason it’s not formulated to protect against them. You will therefore find that motorcycle chain lubed with engine oil is more likely to lose that lubrication in wet riding conditions or get gummed up with dust or dirt.

That’s why we suggest going for a dedicated chain lube product.

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