Engine Enamel Application Tips

Protective coatings

Application Tips

  • Sand the engine thoroughly. You can use a wire brush to help remove old paint and debris.
  • Clean the block with a grease and wax remover prior to painting to remove oils and other chemicals.
  • Wipe down the engine to remove loose particles or use an air hose to clean debris.
  • Start with a high-heat engine enamel primer for maximum corrosion resistance and uniformity of your top coat color.
  • Apply primer and top coat engine enamel color with a light “tack” color first to avoid runs and sags.
  • With spray applications, use a long, sweeping motion to apply the paint evenly and without runs.
  • Continue to apply two more light coats followed by a medium wet coat for the best coverage and smoothness of the paint finish. As a general rule of thumb, a few thinner coats will provide a higher-quality finish than one or two heavy coats.
  • For extra protection, use a high heat engine enamel clear coat applied the same way as the primer and top coat engine enamel color.
  • As always with paint, make sure to wear a mask or apply in a well-ventilated area.

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