What is Dry Moly Lubricant

Lubricant and penetrant

"A dry oil that gives durable grease and security without drawing in soil and residue which have benefits and are sold in different market , i.e Automative , Energy, Textiles , Aerospace , Construction , Waste Water , Garden Tools and so forth "

Dry-film oils are materials that decrease rubbing between two mating surfaces, sliding against one another without the requirement for oils and lubes. The low rubbing attributes result from the atomic design of such greases, layers ready to slide comparative with each other with insignificant applied power. The utilization of dry-film greases offers enduring oil – progressively significant where neatness is required and can be utilized in outrageous and unfriendly conditions.

Dry Lube with PTFE gives predominant grease and durable erosion assurance with no slick buildup. Best utilized where neatness and greatest execution are needed as it dries speedy leaving behind a greasing up film that opposes soil, residue and oil developments. Extraordinary for lessening grinding and wear on sharp edges and pieces, entryway and window tracks, slides, transport lines, rollers, pivots, table saws, machines, power apparatuses and hardware.


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